Episode 29: Emotion Coaching–A Tool to Help us all When Emotions Run High

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 29: Emotion Coaching--A Tool to Help us all When Emotions Run High

We all know how things can go south quickly when emotions are running high with our kids, with ourselves, and even with our adult relationships. In this episode, we introduce the “Window of Tolerance” and we discover ways this concept can help us all (even at a young age) understand what is happening and get to the other side of it.

Discussion Questions

  1. When you picture a window where you can tolerate your emotions, how big or small does your window seem right now, compared to what it normally is?
  2. What goes on inside of you when someone you are engaging with shatters their window of tolerance?
  3. How does knowing about the window of tolerance help you stay within your own window?
  4. Which practical tool would you like to try in the next 30 days, like Joe suggested? Is it the 5 things that Margaret told us about? Is it intentional breathing? What would work for you and your family?

The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Siegel

The Window of Tolerance


5 Things You Can See
5 Things you can see
4 Things you can feel
3 Things you can hear
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste