Episode 24: Father’s Day & Building Intentional Relationships With Your Kids

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 24: Father's Day & Building Intentional Relationships With Your Kids

*Discussion Questions: *

  1. What is one thing that has surprised you about parenthood? How does it differ from the picture you had before you became a dad?
  2. Who are you? Who are your kids? How does that inform or influence how you interact with your kids?
  3. What are your core family values? When you look at your calendar (or last year’s calendar), does your schedule represent these values? If so, how can you continue this? If not, what do you want to adjust in the future?
  4. When you reflect on this current season, what are some of the new ways you’ve connected with your kids? How can you carry on these new ways of connecting even after quarantine is over?

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