Episode 22: Staying Emotionally Healthy During Covid-19 – Part 2

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 22: Staying Emotionally Healthy During Covid-19 - Part 2

As we continue to stay home because of Covid-19, some of us are shifting from a sprint mindset to one of a marathon. You are not alone as you navigate this unprecedented time of changes in how work and parenting look, of experiencing loss, and of shifting to relationships over screens. Our hope is that we can share a conversation that makes us each feel seen and where we can gain access to some tools to help us navigate this uncharted territory.

Discussion Questions

  1. We started this conversation by sharing one thing we are grieving and one thing we are thankful for. Take a moment to do the same. One grief and one gratitude. What do you think the benefit is of naming these during this season?
  2. What is one activity that you still have access to that really brings you joy? How can you make room for this activity to be part of your new routine? What obstacles do you need to work through to make this happen?
  3. Who could you help this week? A friend who needs encouraging? A grandma who needs help with technology? Find time on your calendar to plan this out and make it happen.
  4. What ways can you take care of your body that feel the most like you? Is it taking a walk? Trying holy yoga? Following an online workout with a friend? Or being more mindful of nutrition as you choose your food? Remember, your body and your emotions are deeply connected.
  5. What role has prayer played for you in this season? What do you need to share with God right now? Have you told him how you’re feeling? Have you asked him for what you need? Spend some time today doing just that.

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