Episode 19: New Year, New You: Not all helpful motivators for growth are lovely

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 19: New Year, New You: Not all helpful motivators for growth are lovely

When you look back at your old self, how do you feel? Is there something that “old self” wants to tell us about who we are today? As we look to our story and current experiences for motivation to make lasting change, we must get curious about the role of pain in our lives. On this episode we discuss pains’ role in getting us to a place where we want to make positive changes. Is pain a good motivator or a bad one? Could we find God in our pain?

Discussion Questions

  1. What was your initial response to the Emily McDowell’s Toast to the Old You? When you look back at the old you, do you feel more like celebrating that person or more like correcting him or her? Why?
    1. Do you feel that inviting people into your growth and change would help you be more successful in making the change last? Why do you feel that way? What steps can you take this week to invite people into your process?
    2. Think about a time in your life when pain motivated you to act in a new and different way. Is there a place in your life right now where the pain feels scarier than making a change?
    3. Or vice versa, is there a place in your life when making a change is more painful than staying the same? Would you be open to inviting others into your process to gain insight and support?

Recover Ministry: https://www.willowcreek.org/en/care/relational-resources/recover-find-freedom-from-unhelpful-habits-and-patterns/south-barrington

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