Episode 15: A Relate Family Christmas – BONUS EPISODE!

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 15: A Relate Family Christmas - BONUS EPISODE!

This BONUS episode of The Relate Podcast brings back all of the guest content providers from seasons 1,2 &3 –September Vaudrey, Katie Franzen and Deb Shurtz. It’s a fun and celebratory look at the holidays and how each guest relates to themselves, God, and others over the Christmas season. They share stories about honoring themselves in the busyness of the season, how to celebrate and create memories with others, and how to truly engage with Immanuel, God with Us, keeping in mind our real purpose for celebration.

Discussion questions:

How are you checking in this holiday season? Are you feeling frantic? Peaceful? Connected? Or perhaps a bit lonely? What is one step you could take to honor yourself in the next week?

What is one Christmas plan or preparation that allows you to feel connected to those you care about? What is it about this event that is special to you?

Have you experienced a loss this year that will make the holidays a little tender or sorrowful? What is one way you can honor that loss or t hat loved one, while still embracing the joyful parts of the season?

With the business of the season what practice, plan or people help you to reflect and celebrate that God came down and dwelt among us?

Thanks for joining us on this bonus holiday episode of the Relate Podcast. We hope you had as much fun as we did. We wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with great connection with others, yourself and with God.

The Advent Book, Jack and Kathy Stockman
Luke 1&2
Colors of Goodbye, September Vaudrey