Episode 12: Getting Clear On What is Behind Our Disappointment in Relationships

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 12: Getting Clear On What is Behind Our Disappointment in Relationships

During this episode we consider two important questions that will help us get clear about what is behind our disappointment. If we take time to discover the answers to these two questions, it will help us have the conversation that will ultimately help us close the gap on what we expected and what we are experiencing.

Discussion Questions:

Think about a time that you were experiencing disappointment in a friendship. As you reflect on your disappoint, what was the unmet need underneath the disappoint? Can you look at the situation from their perspective? What was your friend’s unmet need?

In that same scenario if you were to accuse and excuse what might that look like? How did you make yourself look better than you really are in your story? How did you make them look worse than they really are?

How does identifying these inaccurate or incomplete stories help you close the gap on your disappointment?

Each time you experience some disappointment start to name, just for yourself, what the unmet need is behind that disappointment. Get some practice in on getting to the need that will ultimately help you lessen the gap between what you expected and what is really going on. Identify those unmet needs.

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