Episode 10: Approaching Your Current Relational Realities with Intentionality

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 10: Approaching Your Current Relational Realities with Intentionality

In this final episode of season 2, we consider our current relational capacity and take time to thoughtfully compare it to our ongoing relational commitments. We discuss why it feels awkward to prioritize some friendships over others and we get specific about how that can help us spend our relational coins well. We are challenged to take a look at 3 categories of friendships and consider which of the 3 might need some of our attention.

Discussion Questions:

Are you someone who tends to have high numbers of relationships you are maintaining, or lower numbers, with just a select few?

When you consider the categories of mentoring, mutual and being mentored, which category is lacking for you? What is one step you can take to seek out a new relationship in this category?

How “rich” are you in /relational coins? Do you need to make some changes in how you spend your coins? What would that look like?

*Challenge: *
Take time this week to take inventory of your relationships and honor yourself by comparing it with your relational capacity. What is one change that you are being invited to make as you learn to honor yourself in your relationships? Email us at Relate@willowcreek.org and share with us in our Relate communities on social media. We want to hear your stories, too, and might even share your story on a future Relate Podcast.

We have some exciting announcements for you about what is coming up in the Relate Podcast world. We’ve been busy planning season 3 and hope you will join us in just two short weeks. We know that all healthy relationships have conflict and so we will take a look at how to approach helpful conversations between friends. Make sure you are subscribed to the Podcast so you don’t miss it.

And, we are thrilled to tell you about some future podcast news! You are invited to join us for a LIVE recording of the Relate Podcast. Season 3 will end with a fun, interactive event on Friday, November 15. We will share more information about the LIVE Podcast event in season 3. We would love to meet you and see you there. Mark it in your calendars now.

Until then, don’t let the conversation end here. Share your stories and insights with us on Instagram and Facebook as we build better relationships.