Episode 1: When Your Past is Present

The Relate Podcast
The Relate Podcast
Episode 1: When Your Past is Present

Host Casey Sundstedt welcomes author and content developer, September Vaudrey, and creative, Tyler Hoff, as we explore how the families that raised us helped shape who we are today—and how both the beautiful and broken parts of our stories show up in our relationships. Learn to identify when your past is present—so you can:

  • Lean into your greatest strengths
  • Break free from unhelpful, outdated relational patterns
  • Bring your best self to every relationship.

*Discussion Questions *| Connect with a friend or group to talk about the concepts covered today.

  1. When it comes to unpacking your family of origin story, do you identify with any of the responses discussed in today’s podcast? If so, which ones?
  2. Who are the main characters in your family of origin? Have they been mostly easy or mostly challenging?
  3. What hesitancies or fears do you feel when it comes to exploring your family of origin—by yourself or with others?